Guild Policies


Guild Policy

We suggest one raid ready alt at the start of tier for split raiding. This is not currently a requirement however.

It is possible we may extend raid hours slight or add 1 extra day on Wednesday for progress. However this will be subject to the collective decision of the raid, and will never count against your attendance.

Logs Policy

During progression our entire focus will be towards getting the boss down. For this reason, Mythic logs during this period will be hidden so players can focus entirely on the role they need to perform. When we are transitioned into the “farm” period of the tier, we will begin to enable public logging, as well as try and support strategies for people to parse better (we find it fun after all!).

Loot Policy

As would be expected, loot is perceived as a tool for progression, and your attitude should be in sync with this mentality. At the beginning of the tier, all raiders will be required to fill out/maintain a spreadsheet listing their BiS items (as accurately as Legion gearing allows), the loot council will be consulting this information to help with their decisions. Attendance and performance will also be a dominant factor in these decisions.

Preparation Policy

The officers and many members put in tremendous effort providing & organizing strategies / guides / spreadsheets / discussions / log reviews etc. We do this because we enjoy it! However nothing annoys us more than raiders who don’t take the time/effort to follow along. It is an absolute requirement that you thoroughly read these discussions, and ideally contribute yourself! Showing up to raids without having completed the preparation asked of you will flag you to the officers for replacement.