Boosting - Mythic Antorus


pull ten is an 11/11M 2day raiding guild native to Kazzak. We are offering a variety of Antorus Mythic boosting packages at highly competitive prices.

Antorus - Mythic: Packages listed below are all done using Master Loot!
*prices subject to change.

• 11/11 clear & mount - ★ 8.5m
• 11/11 clear - 5m
• Argus only & mount - ★ 7m
• Argus only - 2.5m
• 10/11 (Garothi to Aggramar) - 4.5m
• 9/11 (Garothi to Coven) - 4m
• 5/11 (Garothi to Eonar) - 2m
★ - Includes Shackled Ur’zul mount

Antorus - Heroic
• 11/11HC: Personal Loot - ★ 400k
• 11/11HC: Master Loot - 1.2mil

Shackled Ur’zul


Trial of Valor - Mythic
• Title: “The Chosen” - ★ 800k
*This title and the associated transmogs will no longer be obtainable when the prepatch hits!


For more details about “the Chosen” boost, check out our associated guild guide:

Nighthold - Mythic
• Mount: Hellfire Infernal - ★ 1.1mil
• Elisande: Trinket - Convergence of Fates - ★ Free /w Mount!

Hellfire Infernal


Q: Your prices are so expensive! I found a much better offer with another service!
A: Provide us evidence that you can find a better priced deal with another boosting service, and we might be willing to offer an even better price!

Q: Which days and times do you organize these boosts on?
A: We typically offer these boosts every week on Wednesday (Guldan/Chosen/Antorus HC), and either Thursday or Sunday (Antorus Mythic), starting from 7:30pm server time. If you can only attend a specific day of the week, inform us and we may be able to accommodate you at a more suitable date.

Q: Will I receive ALL item’s which I am eligible for using Master Loot?:
A: You will be given any items which your class is able to use! This includes relics/trinkets for offspecs, up to 975 ilvl, as well as ALL tier tokens eligible).

Do you want to guarantee that a specific item will absolutely be given to you, no matter how incredible it rolls with titanforging and/or a socket? Let us know as you arrange your boost and we can reserve this item for you no matter what.

Still not a good enough offer? Speak with us, and let us know the specifics of the deal you would like to arrange, and we will see what we can do!

Contact for booking:
You can either contact us on BattleNet or Discord for further questions, or use our booking form (only for Antorus Mythic) to lock in your order directly (as well as explain the steps involved in the boost process, and other F.A.Q’s not covered here)!

Battle Net: Bic#11599
Discord: Bic#0053

Booking Form:
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Boosting Legacy
pull ten and it’s members have multi-expansion spanning history of boosting PvE content. We know how important it is for buyers to trust us to deliver a legitimate service, exactly on the terms agreed on. For these reasons, we are able to provide you a “receipt” of your order (for orders arranged using our boosting form linked above), so that you can hold us accountable to any Blizzard GM’s if we don’t uphold our end of the deal!

If you would like to read about some of the feedback we have collected over the years of our boosting services, feel free to check out the associated thread below!

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